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Learn how to make your own probiotic drinks such as
Milk Kefir and Kombucha at our summer workshops.

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Our Milk Kefir culture is the genuine, fresh and living culture just like they used centuries ago
with a full complement of living bacteria and yeasts for optimum potency. Our culture (grains) will give you continuous and endless batches of Kefir  so a single purchase of our culture will keep you supplied in Milk Kefir for many years to come. These are not the processed, dried, powder in a sachet version you often see with just a few selected strains of bacteria that only last a few batches before you have to buy a new supply.

Our Milk Kefir culture is the real deal and is feed and grown fresh daily in our commercial, health certified premises for the highest possibly health.


 Please note:

Sales of our Kefir culture are usually on weekends only as we grow the culture over the week days for sale on the weekends and dispatch on the Monday/Tuesday. If the 'Add to cart' button gives an 'Out of stock' response, please come back (next) Saturday.

Milk Kefir - NZ$ 30


This is the original and the best probiotic food in the world!

You get 1 Tablespoon of fresh, live milk Kefir culture which will initially ferment 1-2 cups of fresh milk in approx 24hrs (depending on temperature) but will grow and multiply over 1-2 weeks to ferment a whole litre of milk at a time... and keep growing and growing to ferment even more and so on - an endless lifetime supply for just $30.... not to mention the potential for improved health and energy levels.

Water Kefir - Tibicos - NZ$ 25

Tibicos or
Water Kefir grains

These are a dairy free alternative to Milk Kefir that can be added to fruit juices and really 'flavoured up', making it easy to get some good probiotics into the younger generations. The best alternative to fizzy drinks you can make.

Your 3 TSP of Tibi/Water Kefir Grains come complete with an instruction sheet and enough sugar water to keep them fed during transit. There are enough grains for a first brew of up to 1 litre and they will grow and multiply over time to make many litres at a time if you look after them well.

Nylon Mesh Sieve - NZ$ 7

2 piece set of Nylon Mesh Sieves perfect for straning your kefir grains to avoid any contact with metal.

Large 15cm and a smaller 6.5cm sieve.

Kombucha scoby - NZ$ 15

Kombucha Culture or

Your Kombucha Culture or 'Scoby' comes complete with an instruction sheet and the required starter tea for your first batch of up to 1 liltre to get you up and running straight away.

Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery due to the timing of batch processing and delivery time - especially rural delivery (though it is usually less).

Due to limited delivery services between Christmas and new year all orders placed during this time will be held over for dispatch from Jan 3rd onwards.

Delivery Notes, Please read!

* Business addresses require the Courier 1-2 days option to be selected from the shipping options. If a business address is supplied and only standard shipping chosen, the order will not be dispatched until an alternative residential address is supplied or an additional courier upgrade fee is paid.

* Orders placed on Thursdays and Fridays will usually be held over for Monday dispatch to avoid sitting in a post shop over the weekend going nowhere. As our cultures are living organisms we aim to keep them 'Bagged up' in transit for as short a time as possible.

* Residential address are preferred over business addresses as NZ Post often simply dosen't deliver to some business addresses. If you need it delivered to a business address, please include the business name and select the 'Courier 1-2 days' option from the shipping options.
If an address is supplied that NZ Post doesn't deliver to, the order will not be resent unless an additional Postage and Packaging fee is paid.

* NZ Post is our delivery contractor as they are the easiest nationwide deliverer to letterboxes, businesses, P O Box services and Rural delivery connections.

* We do NOT send with signature required as if no-one is home to sign, they are returned to depot and can sit around for days waiting for re-delivery or to be picked up. Not ideal for living cultures that need to breath and be feed regularly.

* Actual delivery days cannot be guaranteed. Time frames selected (1-2 days or 3-5 days) are guides only.

* Sales are to NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS ONLY ! Overseas shipping by prior arrangement only .

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