Next Fermentation Workshops are on February 10th!

Learn how to make your own probiotic drinks such as
Milk Kefir and Kombucha at our summer workshops.

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The basic principle of making Kefir is simply;

1/ Add Kefir grains (from previous ferment) to jar of fresh milk at a ratio of approximately 1 Tablespoon per 250ml.

2/ Leave at room temperature for approx 24hrs - ideal room temp is 20-25 degrees C

3/ Strain/fork out grains to separate them from the now cultured milk and drink strained off liquid/yoghurt

4/ Repeat steps 1 to 3

However, there are many 'finer details' to know about making Milk kefir of course, so rather than try to reinvent the wheel, we simply recommend you visit the Kefir FAQs page of for a very comprehensive list of common questions about making Milk Kefir.

Click here to visit the FAQs page

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